Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support


When I consider carpal tunnel treatments such as carpal tunnel wrist supports and braces, I get a little nervous. One has to be careful when considering forcibly impairing movement of any part of their body. Some types of carpal tunnel wrist supports or other forms of complete immobilization can actually be harmful rather than helpful. Restricting movement of the muscles and joints in any part of the body causes a loss of function, even if it temporarily reduces pain or swelling. When you're not exercising an area, it loses is flexibility and elasticity, which are the basics of the youthful bodies we try to maintain.

The proper way to apply restraint to any part of your body is during rest; using a carpal tunnel wrist support is one way we are encouraged to reduce movement. At night might be the only time I would recommend letting your wrist remain still and supported, but keep in mind, this is a temporary treatment and not a cure. Without indulging the body in its natural want for exercise and motility it will doubtlessly become even more stiff and therefore the condition more painful. Finding a real solution requires considering the actual causes of the carpal tunnel and modifying the offending behavior.

The signs of carpal tunnel, the pinching, tingling pains that accompany this disorder, begin to show when the muscles become imbalanced. How does this happen? When we repeat the same improper motions over and over, usually because of simple lifestyle tasks (such is slouching at the computer and typing throughout the day, clutching the steering wheel for hours at a time, performing the same task in a factory over and over, etc.) we are stressing certain muscles and not using others. The lazy muscles and the overworked ones stop providing the support they should for your joints.

Modifying these harmful behaviors and trying to reverse them is really the only way to stop the cycle. It's about creating balance between the muscles - stop overusing some and underusing others. Imagine completely losing use of one or both of your hands for weeks or even months. You may be the breadwinner in your family or simply supporting yourself - either way, having such restricted movement can seriously affect your earning capabilities. (Not to mention your sleep and peace of mind!)

I know it might sound like I'm trying to frighten you, but it's with good reason. I want you to be educated about quitting the harmful habits, understanding carpal tunnel wrist braces and being aware that maintaining your flexibility before it's too late might be the only way to save yourself and your wrists. Simply following a set of postural muscle balance restoration exercises can help you naturally keep your body's elasticity. More information on wrist pain here.