"Strange" Exercises
Will Remove Your

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Pain In The Next 5 Minutes

"The tingling and ache stopped within 5 minutes!”

"I tried the exercises in the evening and the tingling and ache stopped within 5 minutes.

I had relief until that night when I woke up with tingling. Then I did the exercises and it worked again! Thank you!

Cynthia Chulik,


"Will Give You
The Immediate Relief and Cure You Want!

"... reveals a self treatment approach that has helped hundreds of his patients

Can help you avoid expensive treatments that do not work, and will give you you the immediate relief and cure you want.

This Treatment System is based on years of practical results and real world solutions.

Take my word for it, this will really help. Get it!"

Laura Miller, B.P.T.
Physical Therapist,

Daytona Beach


“No surgery!
I Am Totally Healed!"

“I DID NOT have surgery. I only used the exercises that you described and I am totally healed.

The finger and hand flexing and limbering exercises helped a lot. Especially doing them in the shower under hot water. No surgery! Wha-HOOOO!”

Kate Bumgardner




From the desk of: Tom Nicholson
Time: 9:38 pm

Dear friend,

Imagine this...

You're working at your desk, trying to ignore the tingling or numbness you've had for months in your hand and wrist.

Suddenly, a sharp, piercing pain shoots yet again through your wrist and up your arm.

You realize that your arm is getting worse each passing day but you you don't know what to do or where to turn.

Will sleeping tonight be interrupted by constant pain and tingling shooting down your arm?

Most likely you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful progressive condition caused by compression of the median nerve in your wrist.

You don't know it yet, but in a few short minutes you will possess the permanent carpal tunnel cure you're searching for.

I've created a brand new, heavily researched exercise program that will permanently cure your carpal tunnel:

  • You will sleep through the whole night without that constant throbbing pain shooting down your wrist and hand.
  • You will sit at your desk without that sharp burning sensation in your arm?
  • Remember the pain-free way you used to feel? Imagine, it can be yours within a few minutes of starting my program.

What did it feel like to enjoy a pain-free life?

Here's just some of what you'll learn
in My "How To Cure Your Carpal Tunnel" Videos:

  • How to sleep at night with no pain. Wake up refreshed, pain free, and excited about your new active life!
  • 7 easy exercises that cure your carpal tunnel in 15 minutes. You can play sports, pick up heavy objects, and be free of the FEAR of surgery and lifelong misery.
  • 5 computer techniques which eliminate computer-related carpal tunnel. You will have new energy and enjoyment at work.
  • A common treatment mistake that could keep you from ever recovering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Do you make these 8 mistakes when lifting objects? These 8 mistakes are making your carpal tunnel worse-- my simple adjustments to your daily routine will set you free from the constant tingling and remove the shooting pains.
  • A damaging handwriting technique taught in most elementary schools that increases chances of carpal tunnel in adulthood!
  • How to vaccuum and mop without pain, even before your carpal tunnel is fully healed!
  • Why a wrist brace can sometimes be useful for healing carpal tunnel (Hint: It has nothing to do with keeping your wrist from moving or reducing pain)
  • What is Kyphosis Lordosis? (It causes 10-20% of carpal tunnel cases, and is easily cured by my program)

  • 4 Simple "self evaluation tests" you can perform in the comfort of your home to help you pinpoint exactly what's causing your symptoms.

  • A Detailed, Step-by-Step, Hold you by the hand "Self Treatment Plan" that shows you exactly what YOU need to do today eliminate your carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • How to self-diagnose the cause of your Carpal Tunnel pain by looking in the mirror for 5 minutes.
  • 7 Activities children naturally do which keep them free from carpal tunnel, and how to integrate them into your life. (Children almost never get carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • A postural problem common in teenagers which causes carpal tunnel in adulthood.
  • Two "postural dysfunctions" that are responsible for most carpal tunnel syndrome pain
  • Two simple sleeping adjustments which could cure your carpal tunnel by themselves.
  • How an inflatable rubber ball (7 inches in diameter) can cure most cases of carpal tunnel.
  • 10 Questions to ask yourself which will keep you free from carpal tunnel for the rest of your life.
  • Why most of the exercises you are doing could be aggravating your carpal tunnel syndrome!

Judith, My Assistant, Demonstrating One Of The Exercises

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be one of the most  awful and devastating experiences that can ever happen to you. It can leave your life in ruins. It can place enormous strain on your loved ones.

It does not need to be this way... as Lucy King, below, discovered:

I've been in so much pain and lost so much sleep, but now the exercises you gave me are helping! I'll keep doing them.

Many Thanks,
Lucy King


Relieved My Symptoms!

"I have been using the carpal tunnel system and have been getting some good results.

I especially found useful the exercise that had to do with stretching my shoulders back by leaning in a door frame with my arms up. I found this relieved my symptoms well.

Lachlan Willing


"The wrist exercise has and still does help. I find myself flexing my hand without even thinking about it. No more pain in my wrist.

You have helped me tremendously.

Darlene Moses
Hair Technician
Ohio, USA

"Great, Instant Relief"

I have found the finger exercises absolutely wonderful for arthritic hands”

I just do them in front of the TV at night and any time I feel the need. I find great, instant relief.

Jennifer Swain


I did the exercises you suggested and the pain went away.

Thank you for the exercises.
Carol B

What If I Told You
I Could Eliminate Your Carpal Tunnel
Without any Medications, Splints,
Surgery, or Therapists


And I Could Cure The Pain
In A Few Minutes?


You'd be really skeptical, right?

I have worked with many patients who have suffered for years with carpal tunnel syndrome, and I have seen them permanently cured.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will have discovered a breakthrough method of treating your carpal tunnel syndrome that has helped hundreds of my patients.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with over a thousand patients who were plagued by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many of them now live a happy pain free life.

But I wasn't always that successful. While I was searching for a real and lasting cure for carpal tunnel syndrome, I studied every treatment approach out there including physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, accupuncture and general medicine.

Frankly, none of them worked. (If you've tried these methods you know what I'm talking about)

Finally, after spending tens of thousands of dollars honing my skills, I discovered a permanent cure for carpal tunnel. A treatment approach that works and provides results for my patients.

A simple, self treatment system that is far more effective than all the traditional methods of treatment out there today. A system that is not just focused on treating your symptoms, but healing the root cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

You're probably thinking that you've tried everything to get rid of your carpal tunnel syndrome, so what is so different about this?

But let me say that I'm very sure you have NOT tried what I'm about to reveal to you.

And I guarantee you, your doctor, accupuncturist or therapist  has no clue about this approach.


Because, if they knew about it, thousands of other carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers would not be in pain right now... it's that effective!

As you read further down this page you'll learn how my self treatment system works in great detail...

But first, read what other carpal tunnel sufferers like you have experienced:

"No Pain Or Numbness!"

"Have been doing some hand exercises as shown in the video, and guess what, I had no pain or numbness last night at all, and I did NOT have the horrible burning itch in my hands this morning.

Thanks ever so much for your help!

Linda Sypher
Roma, Queensland

Linda releasing her cattle from an overnight holding pen (this photo came from a news story about her family)

Just wanting to let you know how much I appreciate the exercise video you sent me. I have had a lot of relief from my carpal tunnel syndrome and expect more as I use the exercises daily.

When I do get that numbness I immediately start to work on it.

Carol Anne May

One Of The Exercises, Shown Here

Have Any Of These
Carpal Tunnel Treatments
Failed You In The Past?

If you're like me, you are motivated to get your previous pain free life back... and most patients that I treat in the clinic have tried nearly every type of treatment out there...  things like:

•    Chiropractors
•    Orthopedic Specialists
•    Massage Therapy
•    Cortisone Shots
•    Trigger Point Injections
•    Anti-Inflammatories and Muscle Relaxants
•    Accupuncture
•    Personal Training/Weight Loss
•    Magnets
•    Deep Heat Rubs
•    Heat/Ice
•    Night Splints
•    Ergonomic chairs

Not to mention visits to your doctor, X-rays, MRI's, Occupational Therapy Splints, dangerous prescription drugs (finally being pulled off the market, unfortunately too late for many), expensive night splints etc....

The list could go on. And you are no closer to a cure than when you started this painful nightmare!

Am I right?

Read what one of my customers reported who tried everything before being cured by my program:

Free of symptoms Now
(after 4 Years of Suffering)

"I should thank you for the manual I received. I did feel relief after doing exercises for three or four days.

The fact is I am free of symptoms now and I was suffering for 4 years.

Thanks again,
Olga Petrova

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The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

And this Austrailian woman who was saved from painful (and probably unsuccessful) surgery by my program:

Without Your Help
I Would Have H
ad My Operation
In a Couple of Months.

Thanks for the exercises you sent. It helped me a lot. Without your help perhaps I would've had my operation in a couple of months.

Once again my profound thanks to you.

Connie Barlett
Embleton, Australia

Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

Most Doctors And Therapists
Are Treating The SYMPTOMS

You're probably wondering -- with a shocking number of people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, you'd think there would be a cure right?

The fact that you're still reading this letter shows me that you believe there is still a cure.

But the truth is, most doctors, chiropractors, ocupational therapists or physical therapists won't spend enough time with you to truly figure out what's causing your pain.

They are pushed for time in a fast paced health system. They are not allowed to slow down, step back and really figure it out.

Also, these professionals are often trained to be "relief oriented" -- not focused on uncovering the root cause of the problem.

That's why they just keep prescribing pain medications, injections, and anti-inflammatory medicine. Then, when that doesn't work, they tell you to get surgery.

I'm sure you've experienced this on a typical visit--

  • NO thorough physical evaluation,
  • NO extensive interview process to learn all the facts about you and your situation.
  • NO truly listening to what you are experiencing and feeling, and most importantly,
  • NO system that treats the cause of the problem... all they do is treat the pain or do surgery, and as you already know, that will not provide the lasting relief you are longing for!

You get 10 minutes if you’re lucky, with a person who is not supplying you with a true cure.

They are giving you a deadly QUICK FIX FOR YOUR SYMPTOMS. (I'll explain the "deadly" part as you read farther down the page)

You deserve better!

I am not saying that all doctors are unskilled to help you.

I think most of them are truly caring people.

BUT, many of them are not familiar with the most effective treatment options out there today.

As you continue reading down the page, I'll explain the real results I've experienced with my patients.

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"I have discussed some of your techniques with my physiotherapist and she agrees!

Thank you very much for the exercises. I tried them and found relief! I have discussed some of your techniques with my physiotherapist and she agrees for me to do the exercises plus some posture ones as well.

Have a great day,
Marilyn Winkler
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450, Australia
Phone: 61 - 02 - 66515452

Thanks so much for the carpal tunnel exercises. The first exercises that I downloaded helped the most.

Mary Broughton

Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

I showed this exercise to my son-in-law and he said that they do those exercises first thing in the morning at the Intel plant where he works.

Tony Bertoglio
Real Estate Agent (Coldwell Banker)
Office: 10400 Academy Road NE #100
Albuquerque NM 87111

My carpal tunnel is completely gone.

Thanks again,
Vincent Woodland

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The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program


A Hidden Disorder That Generates All
Your Carpal Tunnel Pain
AND Secretly Destroys Your Body

Sound far fetched?

As you read farther down this page you will understand what I mean.

Your body is made up out of opposing muscle groups that work together in harmony.

When one group contracts the other group relaxes.

When your muscles are out of balance, the one group will overpower the other opposing group, placing joints under tremendous stress and uneven pressure.

This is called postural muscle imbalance.

For example, the normal shape of your spine is formed by opposing muscle groups that need to work together in a balanced way to keep you standing upright.

When your muscles are "imbalanced," they pull your spine out of the normal position.

This causes uneven pressure and compression on your cervical vertebrae.

Which then wears down the discs and causes your muscles to go into spasm.

Let me translate that into "normal" english:

A 33 year old spine may look like a 65 year old spine when viewed on an X-Ray.


Because muscle imbalances have caused the spine to degenerate!

The discs in your spine are NOT designed to be subjected to this constant, uneven stress.

You're probably asking, "What does this have to do with my carpal tunnel pain?"

In a moment, I'll tell you. (As you keep reading)

You see, as your spine degenerates, the rest of your body will have to start to compensate, including your shoulders and elbows.


Carpal Tunnel Can Be
One Of The First Signs
Of This Hidden Disorder


Postural muscle imbalance actually CHANGES your shoulder and elbow joints, leading to your carpal tunnel pain.

These are signs. Your body is telling you that this balance has been disturbed.

Now, let this all sink in for a moment.

The hard facts is that no medicine in the world, acupuncture, massage, yoga, manipulations or splints will stop or prevent your carpal tunnel syndrome if the muscle imbalances are not corrected.

Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

How to Figure Out
The True Root Cause
Of Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
(3 Easy Steps)


It's actually quite simple.

All you need to do is perform a series of what I call "self evaluation tests."

In a matter of minutes you'll know exactly which areas of your body are out of balance, and how they are causing your pain:

Look at your body posture while standing in front of a mirror, or in a photograph.

Then follow my easy, 3 step treatment system:

•    Observe your posture and alignment
•    Document your problem areas
•    Correct the imbalances

It is that easy!

Click here to Access The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program Instantly


My self treatment videos lead you through it, step by step.

Once you have written down all of the problem areas, my videos will show you how to perform a specific exercise program to cure those problem areas.

Picture this: A few minutes from now, you will completely eliminate your carpal tunnel syndrome pain!

(you will have immediate access to the program online while waiting for your DVD to arrive)

The self treatment system I designed consists of specific, targeted exercises and stretches that you'll perform in the comfort of your home. They will work on quickly correcting the postural muscle imbalances you have. They will restore normal body posture, joint alignment and spinal curvature.


Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

"All The Symptoms In My Hand and Arm are Gone"

"The information I received from you has been helpful. All the symptoms in my hand and arm have gone.

I am so pleased that there was another option besides surgery.

Sue Pullen


Haven't Had An Issue
For 16 Months!

"Thanks, I haven't had an issue in 16 months thanks to the massage and the exercises that you sent me.

Al Colby


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The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

This System Was Co-Authored By
 Fellow Carpal Tunnel Sufferers !

Every section in the book is there because "YOU ASKED FOR IT."

Well, not "you" really. But from real live questions.

Questions from people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome every single day, and want to find a cure. People who desperately want a solution for their pain and suffering.

A simple webpage was set up, and people like you visited it and left me their
most pressing questions on carpal tunnel syndrome.

Then I answered them!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

You'll discover all you ever wanted to know about permanently curing carpal tunnel within a few minutes..

Over 80 pages, and 8 videos full of of detailed facts and tips because YOU requested them!

Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program



The simple things you showed me sorted me out. I have never had a problem since. I regularly do the exercises and it's great.

Best Regards,
Mike Higgins

Without Pain or Tingling
In My Arms and Hands

Thanks, Tom. I did the exercises with my back against the wall as you recommended and I was able to do that without pain or tingling in my arms and hands.

I think I had old age arthritis in the upper knuckle of the middle finger. It's gone now.

Claire Phelan

The exercises have helped tremendously. I do them everyday. Thank you so much.

Debbie Rohm

Debbie holding their new puppy at the sink, with NO PAIN!

Hi Tom. I feel better now! Thanks for all of the information you sent to me!



Click here to Access
The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program

Here's what you'll receive with your 

How To Cure Your Carpal Tunnel
Self Treatment System
When You Order Today:

Carpal Tunnel Cure Video Kit (DVD Video Will Be Mailed To You): A Complete Self Treatment System that you can watch on your television.

These quick and easy activities will teach you exactly how to start curing your carpal tunnel today. You will see a VIDEO demonstration of how to effectively perform the entire stretching sequence.

Start experiencing relief within 15 minutes of putting this in your DVD player!
Value $79.95

(Also included: PRIVATE Access To a Webpage Where You Can Watch The Videos IMMEDIATELY After Ordering)


1 Over 30 pictures of detailed self-treatment techniques for fast acting relief.
Value $34.95 

The Power Stretch Program: Simple, easy to follow stretching routines you can incorporate at work or at home to prevent your carpal tunnel from acting up and placing your life on hold.

This power stretch program eliminates other types of pain, like sciatica, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and more.
Value $39.95

3 Carpal Tunnel Sufferers Rolodex: All the links to resources, support areas and research on carpal tunnel that you will ever need.
Value $9.95

Companion Book: The Amazing Carpal Tunnel Cure, This book explains in more detail the "why" of the videos, as well as presenting additional tips for relief from your pain that you can start implementing immediately. (82 Pages)
Value $29.95 

Value of over $194.75

The average lifetime cost of carpal tunnel syndrome, including
medical bills and lost time from work, is estimated to be
about $30,000

The "Carpal Tunnel Cure" Self Treatment System:

y $97

If you feel my self treatment system did not help you feel better, improve the quality of your life, and provide relief, I will refund your money 100%, no questions asked and you can KEEP product:.

This is a test price, and the price will soon be raised to $249.95 due to the extreme results people are gaining as well as the demand for this safe natural solution!

After you have clicked the PAY NOW button, you will automatically
be taken to a screen where you can download the entire program.

Click here to Access The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program Instantly

Wishing you the best of health,

  Tom Nicholson

One Of The Exercises, Demonstrated by Judith, My Assistant:

P.S. Picture your new, active, pain free life:

•    Feeling stronger and happier.
•    Having more energy and passion for life again.
•    Sleeping through the night peacefully with no tingling or shooting pain, and waking up refreshed and excited for the day!
•    Playing with your children without fear of hurting yourself?
•    Playing you favorite music instrument without the intense burning and shooting
•    No more fear of surgery hanging over your head.
•    Playing golf and tennis with no limits?
•    Working out and going to the gym?
You HAVE the power to stop the pain, take action and help yourself today!

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The Entire Carpal Tunnel Cure DVD Program