Free Carpal Tunnel Exercises
Part 2

Most of our chronic ailments today including carpal tunnel
is a direct result of poor posture, lack of a variety of movement
we put our bodies through on a daily basis and poor body
positioning on a long term basis.

For example:

Someone who sits in front of a computer or desk all day is very
likely to developcarpal tunnel.

Count the amount of hours that you sit at work, at home and in
the car and my bet is that you will be ale to draw a direct
correlation to your symptoms and pain.

If this cycle is not broken I fear that no surgery or pills
will stop the rapid deterioration of your carpal tunnel


Find a quiet place in the house where you can lean up against
a wall.

Stand relaxed and back up with your feet until your heels
touch the wall.

Your feet can be spread about hip width.

Now its time to look at what's happening with your posture.

We will score this test out of 5.

A 5/5 is excellent.
A 4/5 is good.
A 3/5 or less indicates you are starting to experience
postural deficits that if not corrected will lead to some
form of chronic pain including sciatica.

Here is the TEST:

A "YES" = 1 point and a "NO"= -1(negative one)

Is the back of your head touching the wall?

Is the back of both shoulders touching the wall?

Are your arms touching the wall or are they away from the wall?

Is there a space between your low back and the wall?

Are your feet pointing straight forward?

Well, how did you do?

You might be thinking; what the heck does standing against a
wall and my posture have to do with my carpal tunnel?

It is a known fact that rounded shoulders and poor posture
will lead to compression in the carpal area and will
lead to "wear and tear" of the joint.

I am sure you will find this hard to believe, but the fact
is that if you did not pass this test (like most of us)
no drugs, splints or surgery will cure you until the postural
muscle imbalance is corrected.

Try this test on your family members as well.

I am sure it will be very enlightening to see what is
happening with their posture as well.

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